Friday, 8 March 2013

Rebecca & Dawson got Hitched!!!

Susie from Creative Insight Photography and I teamed up to photograph this amazing winter wedding. Rebecca and Dawson were so much fun, laid back, and trusting of Susie and I to create many beautiful images during their special day. 

It has almost been a month since this fabulous couple was hitched.  We were holding off posting any images until they returned from their adventurous honeymoon in South America. they are!

Rebecca and Dawson Wedding - Bobbi Carpino Photography

These two had a beautiful morning ceremony witnessed by their close family and friends and they were married by Uncle Bruce.  As with many weddings, I shed a couple of tears of happiness for these two.  Looking around the church, I was not alone.  Everyone was touched watching these two commit themselves to eachother. 
Rebecca and Dawson Wedding - Bobbi Carpino Photography

We hit up a couple of fun locations around town with the wedding party, who did an amazing job keeping Rebecca warm.  These gals were rockstars and did not once complain about the cold.  Thank you to all of you for great smiles, the laughs, and putting up with me barking orders. 

Last but not least, to the amazing Rebecca and Dawson...thank you so much for asking us to capture your day.  You two are truly amazing and we are so excited for what your future together holds.  We look forward to getting together with the two of you and sharing the rest of your images.  

Congratulations on your marriage and life together!!


Bobbi & Susie

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