Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I am Bobbi!

I am a photographic artist in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.  I am passionate about documenting history through beautiful images of fabulous people.

What does a photograph mean to you? 

To me, a photograph is a story.  I remember as a child I would look through photo albums and having an amazing history lesson. The images that I take of my daughter freeze a second of her life and capture a feeling, memory, and a story that will last the rest of her life. Years down the road, she too will be able to share this with her children and allow them to be apart of this special moment in history with her.

Now think about the images you have of you, your friends, and your family? Do you have those images printed? Do you have them in an album?

If you are like most folks, your answer is likely no. You may have a few images printed but the majority of them are likely on your computer or phone. Now imagine if you lost your phone or your computer decided to crash and you lose all of those images? Yikes! I have heard so many sad stories like this and within seconds, those feelings, memories and moments are lost.

My clients will tell you that I capture emotion and relationships in my images.

Photography is a wonderful thing but sometimes, you may not be a fan of having a camera pointed at you. Strange things happen to our faces, we smile funny, and we feel just plain awkward. I have so many people tell me that "I don't like getting my picture taken", "I am NOT photogenic", "my kid will never sit still for a picture", or "I need to lose 20 pounds before I get my picture done.”  

This way of thinking actually excites me!

You can rest assured they have hired a professional photographer who knows exactly what to do to make you look and feel fabulous. Also, kids seem to like me! This does not mean they will sit still but   fear not, we can still get great images!

So if you are not convinced yet...please give me a call at the studio or send me an email. I would love to talk to you more and find out how I can assist you in freezing a second, a minute, or an hour in your life and give you beautiful art pieces to document your life story.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you!

Bobbi Carpino